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Funny Facts

Funny Facts
Make fifteen statements intended for fifteen people, but never tell which one is for who.

1) Without you, my morning would be dull. And Id have no reason to smile. Youre so smart and talented. You always find a way to cheer me up with your undoubtable wit. To other people it may seem like we hate each other, but the names prove we love each other.

2) For a long time you were the only person there for me. You might not be able to get everything Im tell you, but you try to comprehend it, and give me the best advise possible. Without you, my summer would have been worthless, my days would be pointless, and I would still not understand the meaning of true friendship. Im thankful everyday that youre my friend.

3) You are truly a unique person. Just when I thought I had seen it all, you introduced me to a world Ive never seen before. Even though you do things that not everyone approves of, I try to look past that to the person you really are. And that person is very intelligent, and fun to be around. Even though you might not see it now, I know you will some day.

4) Our recent friendship has grown fast. I finally have someone that understands completely what its like to go through what I did. And what I still am, in a way. Youve shown me that there really is people in this world that can understand, and still except me for who I am. And even though we didnt have the picture perfect start of a friendship. Im glad were close now.

5) You are the main person that fucked up men for me. I cant stand how you treat me, and expect me to still be obedient. I cant stand you. Sometimes I wish you never came back for me. But if you idnt, then I wouldnt be making this post right now about all these people that are so precious to me. So in a way I thank you. But I will forever have a grudge against you. Thanks for causing me pain.

6) We joke around in school alot, and Ive only hung out with you a couple of times. But I love you! We really need to hang out more. Youre such a great person, and for being so small, you have a big personality.

7) I give everyone one chance to officially gain my trust and you blew it. BIG TIME. But youre still one of my friends. I wish we could be closer but I wont let it happen cause I dont feel like getting hurt again. Hopefully by the end of this year we will have mended most of the wounds, but theres no promises.

8) Youre such a beautiful girl, yet you dont see it. You might not think your pretty and you might think youre fat, but youre not. In my eyes youre so close to perfect, its scary. I wish you could see you through my eyes. And to add to it, your personality tops it all. Youre so cute =3 And it took a years work, but Im glad that were close friends now. I dont know why but I always wanted your approval. I dont know why. Like the first time you actually gave me a hug, I swear I almost cried, the first time, you said I loved you, my heart almost exploded. Im glad that I can come to you and tell you almost anything now, and you know you can call me and tell me anything. I hope it stays that way, I dont know what Id do without you.

9) You need to get more confidence. Yes people in the past have been mean but you need to get over it. There are so many people that tell you that your beautiful right now, why worry about the past. Those people were fucktards and didnt know any better. You have a great personality, and that shines through. You need to believe in yourself more.

10) Without you, I wouldnt know the greatness of yaoi. The sleepless nights, chinese food, and boyfriend talk make up some of the best memories I have. And even though we dont hang out that often, the time I have with you is priceless. Youre like the crazy older sister I never had. I just cant wait for the day that you murder my husband and steal me away to Yaoicon. The wait is killing me.

11) Youre one of those people that I just dont know what to make of. Like, sometimes youre my friend, and were cool. Other times, you give me looks and I think you hate me. I dont know what that is about but I know we were close for a while. I always wondered what happened, but as long as your happy, so am I. I think its just we are two totally different people. I dont know.

12) We never hang out! I talk to you sometimes, and write stuff on your little message thing, but I miss you so much. When I first met you we clicked in the first five minutes. It was amazing, and totally cool. Humor makes you shine in my eyes. Youre one of the funniest people I know. Juts random spazzing of comments made into conversation. Mostly involving throwing skittles or hot emo guys. Either way, Im glad I have someone like you to understand my random hyperness.

13) Ive known you since eight grade. We lost our connection last year, but re-connected this year. Im glad cause I can tell you anything and all you do is laugh in my face and say Im crazy. Which is better than giving me a look or saying Im stupid. I can only hang out with you in school, but thats ok, cause without you in my class, I dont know if I could survive. Hopefully by the end of this year we can call ourselves close friends.

14) We started talking over the summer and our friendship has grown since then. No matter where I am with you, you always brighten up my spirits and make me laugh with your random spazzing. You have to be one of the prettiest people I know. And like other people, you dont see it but you are. I hope that you know Ill always be there for you if you ever ned to talk. And I hope that now you know, we can still keep our friendship the same. I would hate to lose you.

15) I lost you. I cant get you back. I knew it was coming, and I didnt think it was goin ot hurt as much. You were gone a while ago, I just didnt see it. I will miss you.
So, I saw one of my best friends from 8th grade today..

At least I still have one from then..

Wow, this weekend has wore me out. -_- BUT I loved it and would do it again ANY DAY! ^^

Friday!Collapse )

Then we come to the convention, wow...

Saturday!Collapse )

Sunday!Collapse )

Well, I goin to be getting ready for the Orchestra concert now. But I


update later!


I got my phone back.

I tried to post on LJ but it wouldnt let me put pictures up..T_T So I got lazy and posted on Myspace. Have a ball!


This is why you can not leave me and my friends alone with fire. This was bound to happen!

Show media Loading...

For some reason they thought that the paper wouldnt catch fire. >.< XDDDDDDD

My shoulder still hurts.


Well today was pretty good. This morning started out interesting..^^;;;;;;;;;;;..but in a good way..i guess?

Carmen: *biting me*
Me: *falls to floor* ^^;;;;;;;;;
Teacher: O__O..stupid lesbians...

Then in the courtyard, Kaylas like, bite her! And she bit me again. Not complaining, just saying. >.O;;

The rest of the day went well, even though I missed lunch and I went through the day with random stomach aches. I hope they stop. T_T I know whats causing them, Ill get over it.

As most know, we went to the mall. And it was cool. Even thought Miss Kayla didnt get to stay seeing that she fell ill. T_T I just hope she feels better! I bought 2 pairs of earrings and Starbucks. Yup yup. After we went to Leahs and hung out.

Im not doin anything tomorrow. So if someone else decides they dont have a life and want to hang out, Im open. All I have to do is clean the house in the morning but other that that I have nothin else planned.

My shoulders hurt like a BITCH!

Is this me??

Where was your soul born?[pics + detailed answeres]

Your soul was born in Fire.You're element is of course Fire and just like it, you're hot tempered and passionate. You're very protective of your friends and you're always on the go. You like to be in the centre where it all happens and you love attention. If you wouldn't need to sleep you'd be out all night, just running around in the city and having a great time. Be careful so you don't exhaust your friends! They might not be as energetic as you. You don't have to be on the run all the time. Life will catch up with you sooner or later and you won't gain anything from running from it. Be careful with what you do. You have a tendency to jump into things without thinking about the consequences and that can hurt you in the end.
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Ok, I know this is not for another week or so but we need to get a limo now. Otherwise there will be none to rent. Sooo, we have decided that we will rent one for 3 hours, which will be about $300. Depending on how many people there are, it shouldnt be that much. So far I have


So yeah. If everyone from me to Sarah goes, then its like $30 per person, plus the tip for the driver.

I really hope Leah and Miss Rylee come! And and and, I think it be cute if Miss Kayla and Carmen went! ^^ Just an idea.

So, there was a white boy today with his shirt off >.O It was disturbing.

*boy walks by*
ME :>.O;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
KAYLA : Thank god Im a lesbian!
JOEY : Its good to be gay!


*boys puts shirt on*

(something to that effect)

So, overall today was fun. Im goin to be staying after school tomorrow again. But this time I actually have a reason. ^^

And I got to drive again. YAY for me! And and and and I actually parked good! O_O It was perfectly in between the lines and everything. Im so proud of myself. *pats self on back*

Hope tomorrow goes well. ^_^

Highlights :

- I officially love Miss Rylee.

- Another boy wants a death wish.

- Im goin to go to the mall with Lucifer.

- Im most likely goin to spend the night at Graces on Saturday.

- I broke Joeys pirate ship. T_T

- My dad is single yet again. Told you.

Very exciting.

So, the last 2 days have been very eventful. But I will sum them up in a few short sentences (or try to).


I spent the morning with my dads girlfriend, Michelle. I didnt talk to her much, but she did say that the house looked nice, but it could be dusted. Bitch, you dont clean the damn house so shove it. Sorry, anger.

I went to Crazy Buffet with Lucy, my dad, and his girlfriend. It was great, they had a fondue fountain of chocolate. I gasmed. Many times. And I also saw a "nice looking" wigger, as Lucy called him.


I woke up and went on the computer. Made plans to go to the mall with Lucy and Joey.

Lucy, Amelia, and Momma March picked me up and we went to Spencers. Like usual I spazzed over the Playboy Bunny.

We went to Starbucks and ran into Veronica. That was fun. And Lucy even got a free coffee thing.

We went around the whole mall like 3-4 times. Lucy got a few shirts, a neckless, and a belt. I got rainbow shoe laces.

Roni left to go home and Joey never showed up.

Im home and now have to slave over the house. Yay -_-

So yeah, if anyones doin anything tomorrow, can I please come. Please.

So my day went well. I went to the Crazy Buffet with Lucy. Will tell more later. But I have a question.

Can I stay with someone. Please. My dad is about to kill me if I dont get out of the house.

Well all together, today sucked..-_-...


- My dad went out last night and told me that he was goin to spend the night. Well, at 3 o'clock in the morning I get a call from him telling me to get up and let him in.

- I felt like crap. My head hurt and I was dizzy. I top it all off, I almost threw up once.

- Fucking Stoner Boy keeps kneeing me in the ass and shit. And today on the bus, he started to stare at my "shirt".

HIM : *starring*

ME : Hi..>.>

HIM : Hi. Well, youre wearing a shirt that has stuff written on it. So your pretty much giving me the OK to stare and your tits. ^^

ME : -_-..oh..yes..so tomorrow Ill wear a tighter one!..>.>..

- My dad tells me that hes thinking of moving us to Sarasota. Yeah. Fucking asshole. But Im not goin to totally let it bother me, cause I know after a few dates he wont like her any more. We'll see.

- Im grounded.

So I went to college night tonight. I had no intent on goin but Lucy raped me into submission convinced me to go.

So, Im looking at a few select colleges. They seem pretty good to me. I dont now if Ill be able to afford some but, we'll see. And to my surprise, I was more interested in Music than in Medical. Hmm..

Regis College, Womens College, Weston, MA

Loyola University, New Orleans, LA

Winthrop University, Rock Hill, SC

Meredith College, Raleigh, NC

And the only medical one I really liked..

Boston University, Boston (DUH!)

So yeah. I obviously want to get out of Florida. Other than that my day was fine. Off to waste time watching Candy Mountain.

Well today was good and bad at the same time. I dont exactly know which one won, but, you decide!


This morning I was walking to Orchestra when Drew called my name and informed me that today was his birthday. So, being nice, I went over to give a hug and..he..kissed..me..>.<;;;;; I ran away in fear!

It rained, and my book got all wet.

I have a crap load of homework that Ill end up not doin and then complain about it when I get a 0.

My other Kayla is being really weird. I dont whats goin on with her but, I think Ive "out grown" her. Also, she seems to want to hang out with her other friends more, and not even try to hang out with me. Yes, I know I hang out with Lucy and Grace and everyone alot, but I invite her to EVERYTHING and has she showed up once? No. And I ask her to come and hang out in the morning with us, and she just sits there with raven, separated from the group. Truthfully, I couldnt tell you the last time I actually talked to her.


I found out today that Mrs. Hontz has a tattoo. And by "found out" I mean, I was starring and happened to notice. ^^

Today during lunch me, Joey, Kat, Christy, and Tommy were running across the lunchroom to get to the cart thing. And these boys yelled at us and were like, "Slow ya ass down man!" And Kat said, "I was just advised to, 'slow my ass down." XDDDD She said it like the whitest person in the world! It was great.

I told Lucy that I had been violated and she kissed me and made me feel better.

Tomorrow is Friday and I get to go to the movies with Lucy and Joey and peoples and go see SNAKE ON A PLANE!!!!1!!ONE!!! ^_^

So yeah, that was my day.

Also, I had they most interesting conversation today with Hannah (the gurl that started to come up with me.)

HANNAH : Yeah, so if I go to the movies, can I sit next to Joey? I really want to sit next to him.

ME : O_O You want to sit next to Joey..are you sure?

HANNAH : Yeah, just for that time.

ME : You know..Joeys..a...girl right?!?!?!? >.O

HANNAH : NO NO, I want to sit next to Joey. Not the girl.

ME :The only Joey was have is a girl!!!!!

So come to find out she was talking about someone else..phew...XDD


Well my day was pretty dandy, except for this morning. I have no earthly clue why I woke up at 1:42 AM, but I did..O_O;;...and the worst part was I couldnt go back to sleep! And even worse is the fact that I scared myself into believing that there was someone in my room, in MY BED with me! So I jerked the covers up to cover me and something touched my foot! I tried to scream, but since I had been asleep, my throat was dry. Turns out, it was the comforter -_-..yeah, great start.

So once I got to school everything went well. Boring as usual was Chemistry and HR was nothin special. BUT in orchestra we got our seats today and I got 6th seat..O_O..How I did that Ill never know! I mean, come one, I didnt know the arpeggio, I cursed, and I sucked sooo bad on the etude! I cant believe I got ahead of anyone. But Im next to Sarah again, which is cool. But she like freaked out and was like.."I got in front of you!!!!!"..>.>..sorry sweet but, thats not saying much since I sucked ass on my audition. And I told her that I wouldnt brag about it. But whatever. ^^

I didnt have to drive today in drivers ED, but Kat did! ^^ I told her to make her feel better that tomorrow Ill run into a portable, to make her look good! XDDDD Yeah, that says how bad she was, but I still loves her!!! Also In drivers ED, I talked to Layla, which is another one of Michaels exs (Lucy ex) and Im now Treasurer of the "We Hate Michael Club". Yay, Im proud of that! XP

Then at lunch Timmy was hangin all over Kat..AGAIN! But this time he went a little TOO far and Kat got felt up! XDDDDDDD Wow, the things that boy does!

Uhm, the rest of the day went pretty well. Nothing worth mentioning except after school when I was head to my locker, and I saw Kayla and Joey laughing. I went up to them to say hi and Kayla was lie.."MOOOOOOOOOOVE!"..XDDD..I have no idea what that was about but, I still loves her too!!!! ^^

Well, off to waste my time on the internet!

Im not goin to be able to go to Leahs Birthday party today. T_T My dad didnt want me to go anyways, he just wanted me to get out of the house. Hes even giving $30 to find some place to go. The only place I could think of is Lucy of course, so tonight Im goin to go to her house and spend the night.

Hope you guys have fun! Take LOTS of pictures. And I dont know, but Ill see if I can stop by and give Leah her card, since I was broke and hadnt gotten her a present. So have fun!!!


Sooooo I have succeeded in memorizing all the lines to Candy Mountain! And for your viewing pleasure, here they are :

Oh when youre down and looking for some cheering up
Just head right on up to the Candy Mountain cave
When you get inside youll find yourself a cheery land
Such a happy joyful perky merry land
Theyve got lollipops and gummy drops and candy things
Oh so many things that will brighten up your day
Its impossible to find a frown in candy town
Its the beck of love that candy gave
They got jellybeans and coconuts with little hats
Candy mats chocolate bats its a wonderland of sweet
Find the candy train to town and hear the candy band,
Candy bells its a treat as they march across the land
Cherry ribbons steam across the sky into the ground
Turn around, be astound theres a dancing candy tree
In the candy gave imagination love so free
So now charlie will you please go into the cave!

No we can annoy the whole school!!!

God I have no life! >.<;;;

Anyways, today I was feeling much better. Even though I had my seating test today, overall it was good.

I have a shit load of homework to do, but instead of doing that I invited Melinda over so we could hang out! She played some pieces that she had been working on and stuff. And of course, she was so good!!!

Overall, my day was uneventful. (Like everyone else was saying.)

Once tagged by this entry, write a blog entry of some kind with six random facts about yourself. In the end of it, pick six of your friends and tag them! (No tag backs.) This explanation must be included, of course.

1)Without my friends Im the most emo person in the world.

2)I have this obsession with taking millions of pictures..<.<..>.>...<.<...I have boxes full in my closet.

3)I have a secret lesbian crush on someone..^^..Ill never tell!!XDD

4)I havent heard or wanted to listen to a rap/R&B song for a week now, and I dont care! Dir en Grey..O_O..haha

5)I hate bugs with a screaming passion (just ask Kat)

6)In the course of 2 days I have writen "Die ♥ Shinya" in like 5 places.
So, the first day back to school. Mine was good, not as bad as I thought it was goin to be. Anyways, I have some people in my classes, thank god!

1st - Kat and Sherese(sp!?!)
HR - Charlotte
3rd - Sarah and my BFF Taylor!!
4th - My OTHER Kayla
5th - Kat..again..
6th - Kim (Grace knows her ^^)
7th -...-_-...Kat..AGAIN...Charlotte and Alexis
8th - Caitlin and Alexis

So, I guess its ok. Other than that, nothin special happened, except for when I was in 7th and a bug came out of nowhere and came near me and I FREAKED out! >.< I hate bugs! So the whole class was laughing at me and Kat was calling me stupid!..*cries emo tears of pain*..And on top of that I dont have any classes with Kay Kay Kayla since she left my Orchestra! But at least I get to annoy her as shes goin to 1st period! ^^

Oh and in HR today, once we were done with the packet thingy, I started talking to Courtney and Amber. They were talking about music and I asked then if they were goin to go to the Korn concert and they said they wanted to becuase some other band was goin to be there, and I was like, "yeah, Dir en Grey", and she goes, "No, they suck"..and im like .."O___O.dont ever say that infront of my friends!!They will tear you limb from limb!" And she looked at me like I was crazy or something!

Also, I wanted to ask you all for a favor. My homework assignment for tonight is to describe what your name says about you. And to be truthful, I have no idea what "Aubrey" says about me!! Can you please help me? Ill give you a cookie! ^^

So today I went to Orientation with the lovely and handsome friends of mine :


What good lesbians friends we are!! Especially showing our love in the middle of a Steak-N-Shake bathroom! What could be any better? Maybe Leah falling on her face running across the street! ^^..Or maybe even the baby that was eating Kats soul!

We had fun, obviously! ^_^ And even though my Zenny-chan wasnt there, I managed to live. With the strength of Joeys randomness and Lucys boob power, I pulled through!

But I officially think the people at Steak-N-Shake hate us. We were the loudest people in there (as usual) and they heard us talking about our porn. Yup yup!

And we also made a song! Long story! XDDD

School starts in a day and i still have 2 chapters left in Guns, Germs, and Steel and 40 pages in Dandelion Wine! >.<..But I know Ill pull through! Just...pray for me!

And I hope that no one minds my other Kayla (the one that asked what 10 + 15 was!) staying with us in the morning and stuff! Shes really cool, and is almost as crazy as us!

Well, off to waste my time on the internetz, when I should be reading!

Ok, three updates in a day..wow..I must be bored..or desperate, eh..same difference!

Anyways, seeing as School starts soon, and Homecoming isnt far behind, I have a question to state, since my lonely ass has no date.

Does anyone want to go to Homecoming with me?

*puppy eyes*

I was goin to go to go with Sarah, but....yeah NO! And I know I am goin to Prom with t3h beautiful Zenny-chan! ^^

So If someone wants to do a friend a favor..^^


((and no Lucy, you are goin with Kayla, so dont say you can go with me!Even though wed be the best lesbian couple there!! ^^))


I just though that this came out funny! ^^

What You Really Think Of Your Friends
Joey is your soulmate.
You truly love Grace.
You consider Sarah your true friend.
You know that Kayla is always thinking of you.
You'll remember Charlotte for the rest of your life.
You secretly think Ashley is creative, charming, and a bit too dramatic at times.
You secretly think that Kat is colorful, impulsive, and a total risk taker.
You secretly think that Michelle is loyal and trustworthy to you. And that Michelle changes lovers faster than underwear.
You secretly think Lucy is shy and nonconfrontational. And that Lucy has a hidden internet romance.
So today i went to Wal-Mart and got some school stuff. You know, paper, cuffs, binders, whips, and erasers! ^^ But while I was there, I found my dream bed!!....*drools*...So I begged and begged and BEGGED my dad to buy it! And eventually, he caved, as usual, and bought me it. Isnt it the best thing you ever saw!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


I am toooooo lazy to type out all that happened last night, so i will make a list ^^, yes yes, i am just that good! And of course the first place we went was Starbucks, thats also where me, Grace, and Lucy all met up. While at starbucks..

1) I ordered a carmel Frap. right, the guy hands me a WHITE carmel frap and Im like..O_o...uhm, no. So i had him re due it, cause i wanted it to be brown!! So now Grace, and Lucy, AND all the people at starbucks, think that im racist cause i wouldnt drink the white carmel frap!!

2)Once we went to get Zenny a milkshake, and subdue Lucys crave for AE, we were heading back to the movie theater when Lucy thought she saw a guy she knew from Myspace!XDDDDD So She went up to him and was like, "Hi, im Lucy, Lucifer, do you remember me!?" And he was like, "O_____O", so Grace got involved and started talking while i left to go upstairs and wait for Joey.

3)In between waiting for Joey and actually entering the movie, I saw 85634785 people from plant that I knew! XP But I also saw 2 other friends that I hadnt spoken to in a while so, it was cool.

4)After Joey arrived we headed to Grace and Lucy, who were already inside, and was informed by Grace that we were in the "makeout corner." Yay!!!.>.>

5)Then Grace got up to leave and Lucy took her seat. Well, when Grace got back, she wanted her seat so she poked, and poked, and poked, and poked Lucy!!! And the best part....she narrated!*poke* boob..*poke* crouth..*poke* face, face poke!XDDD

6)And the only way we settled that little dispute, was by all four of us sharing 3 seats by putting up all the armrest!Awww..you gotta luv us!

7)Then the previews to other movies.XDD..there was one, where we thought it was about lesbian cowgirls, so we tried to find names like "Brokeback Mountain", except like in a female way, like "Silicon Mountain"..^^..and the title for it, none other than.."FLIKA!"

8)...*thinks*..flika..O_O That reminds me! Before they started to fight over the seats and stuff, Grace had a piece of gum and I said give it to me, so she threw the wrapper at me. I took it and threw it down at this lady, and it got STUCK IN HER HAIR!!XDDDDD

9)The best parts of the movie, other than the goth gurls (one being name "Shrerika") starring at everyone. The best part had to be when the gurls kiss!!!^____^ Everyone in the theater was like.."eeww" or "oooohh", but no, our group had to scream "YEEEESSSSSS!!!" And once the gurl started kiss the John Tucker guy, I stated my opinion, "Bring back the gurl!!!" ^_^

10)And we all know about the thong part, but at the end, during the credits, they show a clip of 3 gurls in Tokyo, Japan!! The like, received a picture message of John T. in the thong and was laughing their asses off! All the while we are all "OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG...THEY PUT THAT IN THERE FOR US!!!!" Hahahahaha..

11) While we were waiting for the parents (and in Grace case, the sister) we fooled around and got many a stare from people that we knew, and we didnt know! And at one point, an officer came over to us and was like, "You ladies are goin to have to move, youre blocking the way." So we move, but he doesnt make the whores other people move! So we scurried back on over, and again he says we have to move! This time we move back down toward the parking lot. Then eventually, Grace sister came and she left. Then after finally deciding that it WAS Joeys dads car and not mine, Lucy and Joey were about to take off when they said i could go over and talk with the scene whores! XP..But luckily, my dad pulled up right then and i got leave unharmed!

So there you go! The exciting tales of Aubs, Zenny, Lucifer, and Joseph!